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Masih mikir kalo member shinee single? Lets see!

Shinee's stylist and her weird behavior with Minho

Instiz: Shinee's stylist who wanted to be rumored to be dating Minho

This stylist has been working with Shinee since last year.
She especially posts a lot of selcas with Minho.
After a while, she deletes Minho selcas and does alot of things fans don't understand...

1. The beginning of the attention seeker

Minho's comment to her:
Another CMH! Noona~ My shoulders are way up at the sky with your pretty clothes~
Thank you so much and you're working hard overnight ㅠㅠ
Make sure you don't skip meals ~ Always hwaiting~
You know that I thank you, right~? I love you~!!

She posted this on her Insta and her existence started.

The fans's reactions were: "Our aegyo king Minho ㅠ"

2. A selca..

Insta caption - Why are you prettier than a girl...

Fans still didn't take it seriously. They only praised Minho's visual.

3. I guess they're very close...

Fans' reactions: "Wow five members?" *too busy looking at Shinee

4. What is this strange atmosphere...?

caption - This is LA ^^ Let's go to Mexico, go go

All Shinee members went to Mexico together but she only posted Minho.
They're wearing similar (or same) sunglasses.

Fans started feeling weird but they cooled it off.

(She deleted all of her selcas with Minho but until this day, she's not deleting this photo)

5. And finally today...

caption - Having samkyupsal with Minho who makes others octopuses!!!

The stylist proved that she met up with him privately right after he voted for the election.

The picture is not that serious, but she kept posting pictures with Minho and kept on 
deleting them afterwards. Shawols, who were staying calm, went enraged this time.

On this picture, Shawols commented her to stop being an attention seeker with 
posting/deleting photos and to just do her job as a stylist.

The stylist got pissed and threw a big punch....

6. Loss at words...

caption - A son and a daughter

The "daughter" is the stylist's kitten and the "son" is Minho?

After Shawols' attacking comments, she posted this photo that seems to be taken at a 
private place.

International fans started commenting about them dating.

7. Fun to trick around 

"Aigoo all I did was posting a picture. It's good to see a good picture of Minho~ I'll work hard,
 Shawol hwaiting!"

Worried fans started convincing her and she pretended to be cool and said "she was only 
posting a picture of Minho"

And she's ignoring all of fans' comments.

There's a rumor that she has a boyfriend.

LA picture is still on her Instagram.


- SM should take care of their workers... The workers cause more trouble than the artists

- She seems like a fan rather than a stylist

- Whoa but Minho is really handsome. I think I'll become a fan

- If you look at her Insta, she wears the Shinee outfits before giving them to the members 

- I'm not a fan of him but I'm so pissed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What kind of a person is that???

- Sasaengs even went to Shinee's hotel because of her pictures

- I think she just wants to be rumored to be dating him

*notes: sebenernya selain minho aku juga curiga ama Jonghyun-yoobi yang waktu itu udah 
ketahuan tapi SM ngga cuma bilang mereka temenan. tapi logika nya adalah, sebelumnya 
jonghyun udah pernah pacaran go public, masa mau go public lagi? jadi SM ngga mengakui 
untuk keduakalinya. padahal aslinya merekaa.... 

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